Why choose CASA’s retail marketing and customer engagement software?

CASA is a retail marketing and customer engagement software for retailers in India that ensures customers visit your retail store and keep coming back for more. CASA customers have witnessed conversion between 7-15% on campaigns run while increasing average bill value between 15-20%.

Great customer experience across retail channels

CASA integrates a wide range of channels for marketing- Emails, text messages, web/eCommerce, push notifications and social media. Provide a seamless customer engagement/marketing experience across all the retail channels that results in consumer delight.

Improve Customer engagement

CASA helps you understand how your customers engage with your retail store. It tells you which retail channels they use, at what time and which products they’re interested in. Knowing this helps you send personalized messages and offers at the right time to increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty.

Accelerate Customer acquisition

Social media is an excellent way to acquire new customers for your retail store. CASA’s retail marketing software takes advantage of this to help you accelerate customer acquisition through Facebook ad campaigns. It allows you to configure Facebook ads and track their performance with in-depth analytics.

Eliminate Customer drop-offs

Are you losing customers due to insufficient stock at your retail stores? Leverage CASA’s drop off management solutions to understand why customers are not converting at the store and earn their loyalty. Sell stock that you do not even carry on your shelves and enrich the customer’s shopping experience.

In-store marketing

Our in-store digital marketing applications will help you advertise the right products and services to customers at appropriate times. Out-market your digital only competitors using technology that add value to your store.

Analytics that helps you read customers like a book

CASA’s retail marketing software tracks every customer touchpoint with you. Read your customer’s like an open book and get precious insights into your customer’s behaviour- their likes, dislikes, when are they most active, when is the best time to contact them, their purchasing behaviour etc.

What's More in CASA?

For the CMO!

Campaign performance

Obtain visibility of campaign performance. A/B test your campaigns to glean insights not available before

Product affinity

Market the right merchandize to your consumers by getting better insights to their product affinity

Campaign Platform

CASA inherently designed to be a platform. You control your data


Create campaigns in a few clicks and watch magic happen


Inherently multi-tenant with built in security and each tenant's data is a silo

Hit the Road Running

CASA utilizes a play well with ecosystem model and allows you to get going in a very short time

CASA’s retail marketing and customer engagement software helped drive greater consumer loyalty and revenue.

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